What do flower varieties and colours mean

What does the Iris represent

The iris is a large genus of flowering plants with showy flowers. It gets its name from the Greek word for rainbow, which is also the name of the Greek goddess of the rainbow, Iris. Being one of the largest genera in the family Iridaceae, it contains more than 280 species. Quite a few of the arrangements used by include the Iris, Rose or Lily featured in this article

What is the common meaning of the Lily flower?

Lily is a plant that has a lot of history in our world. The white Lily is the flower of France, while the red Lily represents Spain. The yellow Lily is the flower of Italy and the Peace Lily is the flower of Hawaii. The white Lily of the Valley is the flower of England and Ireland, and the Lily is the floral emblem of Ireland. Quite a few of the arrangements used by include the Iris, Rose or Lily featured in this article

What does the Orchid represent

Orchids are a popular houseplant choice and for a good reason. These beautiful flowers are known for their stunning array of colours, shapes, and sizes. And while we all know they’re gorgeous, did you know that these flowers have a long history? Curiously, the very first orchids grew on Earth millions of years ago, and despite these flowers’ popularity today, they were once considered a rare novelty.

What does the Rose represent

For the last few millennia, the rose has been one of the most beloved and revered flowers in the world. These blooms of romance and beauty have showered their sweet scent on lovers worldwide, with their romantic tales woven into the tapestry of literature, art, and music. But there is more to these lovely flowers than their sweet scent and their pretty petals. They are a marvel of evolution, with a rich history that includes a long evolution, and a diverse family of species that includes some of the most beautiful flowers on the planet.

What is the common meaning of the Hydrangeaflower?

This stunning flowering shrub is known to have been in cultivation for centuries in Japan and China. It made its first appearance in Europe during the mid-1700s. Hydrangea is a member of the family Saxifragaceae, which includes another popular ornamental shrub known as the Snowdrop. The Hydrangea genus is broken down further into several subgenera, the most popular being the Macropetalum, Grandiflorum, and Nanum. The Grandiflorum subgenus is by far the most popular, and the term Hydrangea is often used to refer to the entire subgenus.

What is the common meaning of the Daisy flower?

Daisy chains and crowns were popular both in the Netherlands and England, before and during World War I.In the Netherlands, schoolchildren were divided into two groups. The strongest members of each group were called the king and queen, and the rest were then divided between them, to form two new groups. The children’s task was to break through a paper chain by pulling it apart. The team that broke through the chain first won a prize. Making daisy chains were often assigned to women in hospitals treating the wounded during World War I. The women would link as many as 400 daisies together to make garlands for the beds of soldiers who were patients.